Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Begining of a New Life

Due to some recent life changes my blog will be adapting to include new ideas.  Instead of sharing only cooking recipes, I will be sharing multiple ways to accomplish health, wellness, and happiness through diet, physical activity, and environment. 

After doing everything in my control to be healthy by eating gluten-free whole foods and getting plenty of daily physical activity, I was still having health complication after health complication. All my spare time and energy was spent working on my health and receiving constant medical treatment and it became physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Instead of giving up, my husband and I made the ultimate life changing decision we have ever experienced and started on a journey to find a home in an environment that would allow for optimal health and healing so we could both live life to the fullest. 

I paid off all my debt and left a great job, he attained his second masters degree and cut short his PhD degree, we sold all our life belongings and said our goodbyes to family and friends, and then we set off to the island of our dreams with one suitcase and one backpack each. It was LIBERATING!

Our first week in paradise included the purchase of our island car (named Thrilliam Marcellus Wallace, aka, camping at a beautiful north shore beach, and making friends with awesome local islanders. Every day we enjoyed the beauty of the island and people. We woke every morning at 6am and were invited to join our friendly neighbor campers for coffee and fresh island picked fruit where a wealth of knowledge and information was shared, exchanged, and appreciated by us new arrivals. My husband and I followed our morning social hour with a great workout on the beach side park and then swam in the ocean and explored more of the island for the rest of our stay.

By week 2 we were able to secure an apartment in a beautiful yellow beach cottage on the west side of the island where we made even more friends with our new welcoming neighbors. One day we went out to run errands and apply for a local drivers license (when Angel drove I had made a habit of hanging my foot out the car window to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine) so I proceeded to raise my foot on the window ledge when my sandel flew out the car window while Angel was driving 55 mph. After walking around the DMV and street sidewalks barefoot all day I finally took my drivers test and failed by one point, not my brightest moment (or should I say day) in life. Fortunately, Angel passed his drivers test and on the way home I spotted my sandal on the roadside and put it back on my newly blackened, burnt, and humiliated foot. LOL. 

We are now in the third week of our new life and things keep falling into place. I feel more relaxed with each breath I take here. I happily passed my drivers test on my second try (only missed 2) What What! Yes, I did study this time.  Angel is applying for some promising job openings at the local community college and we are just keeping our fingers crossed. I feel like I am gaining more strength and energy with each day and know I will feel better and better as time goes by. For now, I am using this precious time to meet the locals and learn about our resources so I can start a successful business that contributes back to the community. I can't wait to get my gluten-free cafe running so I can feed anyone who wants to eat and enjoy the most nutritious and delicious local fare! 

Stay tuned for more ways to increase your quality of life! I will be sharing more healthy recipes, workout plans, and local ways to live your life to the fullest.



  1. Rebecca, are you kidding me?? This is amazing. You are such an inspiration! I'm sorry that you have had such challenging health issues. I hope you are finding the relief you need. So excited to read about your journey. xoxo

  2. Thanks Nicole! Love love love that classic pic you have up. =)

  3. Hi Rebecca:

    I found you because I follow Little Fish Coffee on Facebook. My husband and I are huge fans of Kauai, having honeymooned there 8 years ago. We were back this past summer with family and fell in love all over again. We dream of moving there one day with our children, and it's so inspiring to see someone else who's followed that dream. Good luck on your journey. When we come back next time, we'll definitely have to try your cafe. I hope the island does wonders for your health.


  4. Mahalo!
    My husband and I also honeymooned here just a little over a year ago now and when we left we made it our goal to get back here, it is wonderful. Let me know when you come back, I would love to cook for you!

  5. Rebecca - You two are amazing! I've been browsing through your blog and it is an awsome job you've done here! I hope the life changes you've made will be just the magic you need...for health and wealth and happiness!

    Aunt Kimberlee

  6. Thanks Aunt Kim!
    We appreciate the support and we are absolutely loving our new life, hope all is well,
    Love Rebecca