Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Healthy Healing 2014!

After we have all overcome our challenges of last year it is time for a fresh new beginning. I love the new year for all it's new possibilities being dreamed of, new ventures unforeseen, and exciting belly butterflies of the unknown. Some like to make new goals, reflect on previous achievements, or measure personal growth and success. I believe all of these are great and purposeful to realize where you are in your life and what you want for your future. This year I would like to focus on the important little things that bring me happiness, health, and healing  through my own creativity and self expression.

Many of you may have heard me say, "in my next life, I want to be a dancer!" LOL. I have always admired, loved, and enjoyed watching anyone brave, skillful, graceful, and strong enough to dance. So instead of waiting for my next life, why not do it in this one? After participating in rigorous intense physical activity in my 20's and after unsuccessfully trying to keep up the pace, I came upon the realization that if I continued the same way I would not have any energy left for other important endeavors in my life. So, I have accepted myself and my body for what it is and slowed down. And I am so happy. I now thoroughly enjoy yoga, hiking, gardening, and ocean swimming. I have always found so much joy and therapy in using and moving my body and I still yearn for more of that, so this year, I desire to learn and practice Hula. For me. So I can express myself in the way that feels best. And I am hopeful one day that I may be able to pass that knowledge and love down to my own child(ren).

Another desire of mine sprung up recently because of my upbringing. Even though I grew up in a gigantor of a family my parents somehow made it possible to provide enriching activities for all of us. I remember the piano lessons, and I remember our sweet piano teacher, she was so patient, loving, and fun. She would laugh when something silly happened and she never got angry or frustrated if I didn't practice or when I made mistakes. I am so grateful for her lessons in piano and in life. As I got older I chose other activities over piano and eventually the piano was gone and forgotten. After reflecting on this past, I now have the desire to bring that aspect back into my life. And after recently being given a piano from Angel's boss (in his second job as a mover) I am again given the same opportunity that I had before and so I will relearn and play. I realize how important music and song is in my life. It it truly healing to hear a song, play a song, or sing a song. So my husband and I together plan on learning and using a musical instrument this year, me the piano, and him the ukulele. Now, we can not only sing together, and ya'll know how much we love that, but now we can play and sing together. I can't wait!

This year I hope you all can tap into your creative side and just try something new or do something that will make YOU happy. Pick something you have a passion for, a desire for, and a joy for. Find the time even if you work full-time and have children, work full-time and have school, or work full-time with a second job, or work full-time and have a life. Believe in yourself. Heal yourself. If not in this life, then when?

Aloha 2014

This picture was taken in 2007, the beginning stages of our dating life, we still sing like this together and will forever. 

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